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At WA Housing Centre, we specialise in tailoring home, land and finance packages to suit your exact needs. It is always best to have a budget in mind when you’re hunting for your perfect block of land or the ideal home design, so find out your financial situation before you fall in love with property you can’t afford. 

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Get in the know

Read up on getting ready for property purchase and discover if now is the right time to buy.

Are you in a position to purchase?

Find out if you’re ready to get climbing the property ladder. Plus, discover some great tips on saving.

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Investors are always offering advice about the property market, but is there actually a good time to buy? Obviously, if it is a bad time to sell, you are at an advantage as a home buyer. Homeowners are more likely to take a lower offer and if you are flexible with timing, a quick sale could certainly work in your favour. However, it is more to do with your current situation and if you are personally ready to take that first step up the property ladder.

Start saving

First, have you started saving? The bank is going to look at your history, so getting into good habits early is a wise idea. Yes, you can purchase property on as little as 5% of the total, but the bigger deposit you put down, the lighter the load in the future. Plus, from a bank’s point of view, you are clearly capable of saving and are ready to make the commitment to a mortgage – therefore you are going to have more choice when it comes to picking a mortgage that suits you.

Plan ahead

Next, do you have a clear plan of what you want in the next few years? If you’re going to commit to a mortgage that could last anywhere between 10 and 40 years, you want to get it right. So make sure you have a list of everything you want and need from your new property and home lender.

Take a look around

Have you had a shop around? Before making any rash decisions, it is always a good idea to take a look at what similar properties in the same location are going for. Take your time and don’t let anyone push you into committing to anything – remember, it’s you who is going to be living there.

It may be a good idea to start going to home opens of houses slightly under and over your budget. This gives a clear indication of the quality and conditions of property in your chosen area – and allows you greater peace of mind when purchasing your property that you have made an informed and value driven choice.

News and reviews

Keep up to date and take a look at ideas from the experts, they will probably have some tricks up their sleeves that you can take advantage of. There are also lots of monthly and annual reports containing pure facts and figures as well articles written by specialists in the market – which tend to be more opinion based, just depending on what you prefer.


Save now, expand later...

It’s not all about now, but your finances in the future. If your budget isn’t as large as you’d like, it’s a good idea to pick a build that will give you room to expand later down the line, keeping your options open.

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Sometimes it is best to make the most of what you’ve got. If your budget isn’t as high as you would like, but you think you will be more financially able in the future, why not start small and grow in time? It’s a good idea to have a word with the local planning office as well as taking a look at other houses in the area to see if they have had extensions and check it is feasible. If so, it could be a better option for you. As long as the house you’ve chosen suits your lifestyle now, then why not? An extension is a great way to create more space, plus, it’s a great way to increase the value of the property in the long run, making for a sound investment.

Is it possible?

First things first, pop into your local planning office – have an unofficial chat first to get an idea of what they would allow. It is best to do so before you start designing, as you’ll have more of an idea about the size and styling you can choose from.

Why not get to know someone who has created a similar extension in the area? Being able to discuss any problems that occurred, whether their builder was a good choice and getting any recommendations will give you a huge head start.

For any type of building, you will have to submit a Planning Approval Application, there are lots of experts to help you through the process, take a look.


Look at the style of the property you are about to buy, what sort of styling would suit its current look? Usually when planning an extension, you choose a contrasting but complimentary style or try and make it look like it has always been there. If you choose the latter, make sure you can get your hands on the materials and the costing before you begin.

Building for a future family

If you’re planning on expanding your family in the future, there are lots of routes to go down. Your home should reflect your family, so make sure the space available is suitable to match your future needs. You have so many choices, from building on top of a pre-existing storey, adding an annex, all the way to simply putting in a sheltered area… Think about what you need from your home and plan accordingly. New elements of design are popping up everyday, so take a look at some examples for inspiration. Making your new living space appear open plan is now easy with pocket doors, simply close them when you want to reduce noise and add privacy or leave them open, giving the effect of a large open space.

Elements of an extension to consider

  • If you plan on adding more rooms, depending on the age of the occupier, it may mean you need more car spaces. In the city this could prove difficult.
  • More rooms usually require more bathrooms. We recommend one bathroom added for every two bedrooms and ideally an ensuite with every guest bedroom.
  • It’s a good idea to find out now if the current heating/cooling system would be able to cope with amount of rooms you propose to add.
  • Depending on what sort of room you plan on introducing, it will need electricity. Unless it is a kitchen or requires a lot of power, then you can usually get away with simply extending the existing ring circuit to link up electricity.
  • The style of your property and how big an extension you are adding, will affect whether you have to move out of the house while it’s being built – this could be costly and disturbing to your lifestyle.

When it comes to extending

  • Set a realistic schedule depending on the size of the project.
  • Plan ahead – planning permission requests usually take around 21 days for a response.
  • Set up a contingency fund for any additional costs or problems along the way.
  • Approach the planners first.
  • Work from the outside in – get the structural works done before you start on the cosmetic and aesthetics.
  • Make your extension weather tight as early as possible.
  • Consider noise levels, both during the building process and afterwards.
  • Put a lot of thought even into the smallest extension. If it is worth doing, you want it to be as cost efficient and successful as possible.

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